Bitcoin Hits Gold Parity - Next stop, parity with the NASDAQ?

Today Bitcoin hit Gold parity, and surpassed it to a new all time high. Currently trading around $1,275 per coin according to Coinbase with a 20.44 Billion Market Cap according to CoinDesk.

Next stop, parity with the NASDAQ? Who knows, but it sure is a fun ride...

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How Not To Die - Naturally Heal Your Body

Over the years i've become better educated about the power of the body and it's ability to naturally heal itself. Our bodies are designed to naturally regenerate cells & heal. If we allow the body to do the job it's designed to do, then the healing can begin. I believe a good starting point is to simply fine tune your body with a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and remove the blockages caused by eating unhealthy food.

At Raven Office Centers we offer complimentary Farm Fresh To You fruits as a healthy balance for our member community.

My personal development continues to grow through invaluable resources like this Mike Dillard interview with Dr. Michael Greger on the Self Made Man podcast.

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Raven Office Centers Quality Control #ShameOnYelp

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Earn Bitcoin for referrals of shared workspace, office suites & virtual offices!

Get a 10% monthly referral fee for up to a year!

We're long time supporters and big fans of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community. We accept many payment methods including bitcoin for the services listed below and we're happy to pay you for your referrals in bitcoin, or cash if you prefer.

Raven Office Center accepts bitcoin!

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Earn Extra Cash - Refer a friend today!

  • You get a 10% monthly referral fee for up to a year!
(e.g. If your referral joins Raven Office Centers and pays $1000 per month you'll make $100 monthly for up to a year.)

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Raven Office Centers will be attending The North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago

Were taking to the road to meet and hear from some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin industry.

Raven Office Centers announced earlier this year that we accept Bitcoin as a form of payment to rent Executive Suites, Office Space, Virtual Offices, Conference and Meeting Rooms in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

We are very excited to attend The North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago, Illinois on July 19th & 20th to discuss the bright future of Bitcoin.

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The First Executive Suites Provider In The WORLD To Accept Bitcoin!

We are pleased to announce that Raven Office Centers now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. To our knowledge we are the first Executive Suites provider in the world to accept the new digital currency.

You can now use Bitcoin in San Francisco, CA to Rent Office Space, Secure Virtual Office Services and Rent Conference Rooms at Raven Office Centers. Please contact for more information.



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