Bitcoin Hits Gold Parity - Next stop, parity with the NASDAQ?

Today Bitcoin hit Gold parity, and surpassed it to a new all time high. Currently trading around $1,275 per coin according to Coinbase with a 20.44 Billion Market Cap according to CoinDesk.

Next stop, parity with the NASDAQ? Who knows, but it sure is a fun ride...

Bitcoin hits Gold Parity

Bitcoin is the single best investment opportunity that i've ever seen. It's a great store of value and "IMO" even better than Gold at this point. It's the most advanced digital currency, and arguably, the best transaction medium that has ever existed. It's based on the Blockchain technology that entrepreneurs, investors, companies, governments, banks and industries such as the financial sector are racing to adopt.  

On June 12th 2016 Bitcoin hit a 2 year high at $640 per coin and had surpassed a Market Cap of 10B.

I posted this to Facebook on the same day:

"Here goes the next bitcoin blast off. Today bitcoin blew past the 2 year high. If your still unsure, questioning if or how or when you should get in consider this, Bitcoin is like the Internet for a new digital currency. You have a rare early stage opportunity that certainly comes with risk but it's the single best investment I've seen that consistently outperforms any other investment. I'm happy to help educate people and to teach you everything you need to know to get on the Bitcoin rocket. Hit me up if your interested in Bitcoin and want to learn more. It's a lot easier than people realize to get involved."

And, my offer still stands!

To my friends, colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs that are still on the side lines, what are you waiting for?

About the Author: James Roten

As a serial entrepreneur and investor that took notice of Bitcoin in late 2010. I cofounded two Bitcoin companies in 2011 with Nima Mahdjour called CoinJabber and I've had the great pleasure of meeting and discussing the future of Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos, Jeffrey Tucker and Stefan Molyneux amongst other Bitcoin experts. It's been a privilege to have been featured on the Let's Talk Bitcoin show Bitcoins & Gravy and the Freedom's Phoenix show with Ernest Hancock on LRM.FM 

As the founder of Raven Office Centers i announced that we are accepting Bitcoin for our virtual business addressshared workspace & office suites services in early 2014. To our knowledge we are the first Executive Office Suites Provider in the world to accept the digital currency, Bitcoin. 

Raven Office Centers Accepts Bitcoin

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James Roten
James Roten


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