Earn Bitcoin for referrals of shared workspace, office suites & virtual offices!

Earn Bitcoin for Referrals at Raven Office Centers

Get a 10% monthly referral fee for up to a year!

Do you know someone looking for shared workspace, office suites or virtual office services in San Francisco? If so we'd love your help in growing our community!

We're long time supporters and big fans of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community. We accept many payment methods including bitcoin for the services listed below and we're happy to pay you for your referrals in bitcoin, or cash if you prefer.



(e.g. If your referral joins Raven Office Centers and pays $1000 per month you'll make $100 monthly or the equivalent in bitcoin for up to a year.)

Referral fees are paid for the following services:  Shared Workspace | Dedicated Workspace | Coworking Membership | Virtual Business Address | Meeting Rooms |  Office Space

Have questions?

What information is needed to submit a referral?
In order to submit a referral we need your referral's full name and email address. Additional information (i.e. company name, phone number, number of seats, move in date, term length, etc.) will help to speed up the process.

Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?
No limits. The more people you refer, the more you can earn!
How soon will I get paid?
When your referral joins Raven Office Centers, you'll receive your first payment within 45 days after their membership starts. You'll get future payments on or before the 15th of each month, covering the previous month.

How do I know my referral has joined?
You'll get an email notification with referral acceptance details from Raven Office Centers when your referral joins. Of course you will also have contact with the person or company you are referring so you can always check with them to see if they signed up. 
How do i know if my referral has been rejected?
You'll get an email notification with referral rejection details from Raven Office Centers if your referral has been rejected for any reason. 

Do I get paid more if my referral moves to a larger office?
Yes. If your referral outgrows his or her virtual office or shared workspace and decides to move to a larger office suite that costs more, you'll make 10% of their new membership fee.


Still have questions?
Phone: 415-837-3201


Referral Location:
388 Market ST STE 1300
San Francisco, CA 94111


* Please Note: The referral program applies to any new "unique" member referred to Raven Office Centers using our referral form that has signed up with Raven Office Centers. 

Get a virtual business address with bitcoin!

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